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Since 2015, we offer dead insects to students for school projects and insect collection assignments, insects to educators for use in their classrooms, and to the general insect hobbyist putting together dried insect displays for their personal enjoyment. We include free pins with orders to match the number of insects you buy, even when the insects you ordered are too small for pins. Some of our smaller, softer-bodied insects ship in 70% ethanol in small vials. Most insects are shipped directly from our freezer. This means that nearly all of our specimens arrive to you in a very fresh state, and in most cases were collected within the last calendar year and preserved in living condition immediately. They require no special or complicated steps to rehydrate. These insects require no "relaxing fluids" of questionable and potentially dangerous chemical composition, or syringes to inject them. If you are not ready to use your insects, simply place them in the freezer. Set the whole box in the freezer upon arrival, if you like, and just pull it out when you are ready to work with the insects.

Most of our insect material is North American in origin, and only a fraction of it is actually listed on the website.

We ship Monday to Wednesday. Orders placed Wednesday through Sunday ship on Monday. Read our Terms and Conditions page for more info. about the service we provide before you place an order.

The shopping cart accepts major credit cards and PayPal as noted in the icons at the bottom of this page. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page before you place your order. Click that link. Read it! Most of your questions about how this all works can be answered there and it isn't any more complicated than collecting these same bugs in your own backyard. More than likely you will find that we've done most of the work for you.

We invite you to browse through our online insect store and shop with confidence. Create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the insect store.

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Eastern Hercules Beetle Female

Altica flea beetle buy

Dynastes tityus, Subfamily Dynastinae

  • Price: $9.00

Eastern Hercules Beetle Male

Altica flea beetle buy

Dynastes tityus, Subfamily Dynastinae

  • Price: $14.00

School Project Local Insect Collection

buy dried insect collection school project dead bug local backyard

Includes representatives of 10 different insect Orders (which also means 10 families, and 10 species). Click to read more...

  • Price: $21.99


buy dead honeybee dried Apis mellifera

 Family Apidae click to product page to see bulk pricing

  • Price: $1.00

House Fly

house fly buy dead muscidae diptera

Family Muscidae (available in bulk)

  • Price: $2.00

Custom Order

collection buy insects

Contact us to discuss custom orders.

  • Price: $38.00