About Us

The world would be quite empty without insects and other arthropods. Their comings and goings signal the beginnings and endings of the seasons we love so much. A spring flower coincides with the appearance of spring bees to pollinate it. As summer arrives and more flowers advertise their trades, butterflies follow and take the dayshift, while moths take to the darkness. Summer nights and the flights of fireflies produce a magical effect, like the fairies of children's stories.

Sounds of insects abound, from the chirp of crickets on a warm evening to the buzzing of bees and cicadas through the heat of summer. Female spiders are just tucking themselves into nooks and crannies as Fall's pumpkins ripen. Winter brings cold and death and a period of rest to the living world. This period is merely a preparation for spring and our renewed expectations for the cycle to begin again. And we press our noses against the cold glass of our windows, waiting. Then, Spring comes and we again meet the bugs and the flowers at our doorsteps, enjoying the same sun on our skin that activates them.

It is simply natural to enjoy sharing the world with bugs. Every child sits alone in their backyard or in some wild place at some point and notices that the world around them is alive with small moving things. Open, curious minds pursue these movements. Some minds will close or be closed by parents. Some minds will open wider to a living world of diverse forms. Running this website and business gets me outdoors, into nature, and interacting with it. I see a new bug almost every time I look and can be guaranteed that nature is prepared to surprise me for the rest of my life.

That's my About Us page.

One boring specimen of a single species,

Peter Clausen