buy dead spittlebug Cercopidae larva
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This listing is for a spittlebug "larva". This is the immature (unwinged) animal that lives inside the "spittle". Please note that the photo on this page is of the adult specimen, not the larva/nymph being sold in this specific listing.

Spittlebugs are small leafhopper-like bugs, less than 1/2 an inch. They are in the Order Hemiptera, Family Cercopidae. (Older texts may place them in the Order Homoptera, but the designation Homoptera no longer exists and has been dropped into the Order Hemiptera.) Adults tend to be brown, but larval spittlebugs surround themselves with a protective, moist layer of spit-like excretions as they feed on plant stems.

Spittlebug nymph

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