Scuttle Fly buy dead phoridae flies
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 Buy this dead insect for local school collection projects. It probably occurs in every single state since they are a common product sold nationwide in pet stores and online in the larval form, as feeders for reptiles and such. It is also increasingly popular in outdoor and indoor bins as a composter of your leftover fruits, veggies, etc.


Taxonomy     Body Length 4 mm
Kingdom  Animalia   Wingspan n/a
Phylum  Arthropoda   Life Stage Adult
Class  Insecta   Status Frozen or in alcohol
Order  Diptera   Bugguide Info & Photos  
Family  Phoridae      
Subfamily  --      
Genus  --      
Species  --      
Common Name  Scuttle Fly, AKA Phorid Fly                 


Scuttle Fly

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