Pest Species

Pests are organims that interfere with the human tendency to modify the landscape for their own use. Pests don't exist in the natural state but when we monoculture corn and other crops, specific bugs tend to think we've created a paradise just for them. And we call these pests and we wage battles battles for a few thousands of years. But we lose the war in the end. We all know the story. Humans go on for a long time. Diversity in the rest of life on Earth dies, species by species. Humans eat corn and drink high fructose corn syrup fizzy drinks. Humans eventually kill the majority of species that existed back when they learned to farm. Nearly everything dies by way of neglect or, arguably, human necessity. Human life gets boring and less inspiring because nature is grass and 3 kinds of landscaping trees, and dogs and cats. The honeybees are gone and diversity in fruits and vegetables is gone. Humans eventually phase out their own species. Then evolution marches on, as it always does (minus humans). Just kidding! The real ending is that humans eventually figure out that they are the only pest species on the planet and, only after many MANY species are lost, they turn things around. But we were here when things were interesting. We were here at that turning point. We started to make a difference?

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Emeral Ash Borer buy

Family Buprestidae

  • Price: $2.00

Carpenter Ant Queen

Buy Dead Carpenter Ant Queen Dried Camponotus

 Family Formicidae

  • Price: $4.00

Citrus Flatid Planthopper

Flatidae buy dead dried planthopper

Family Flatidae

  • Price: $3.00

Green June Beetle

Cotinus nitida flower beetle buy

Family Scarabaeidae, Subfamily Cetoniinae

  • Price: $5.00

Horse Fly

Horse Fly buy dead dried Tabanus

Family Tabanidae, Subfamily Tabaninae 

  • Price: $4.00

Japanese Beetle

buy dead Japanese beetle

Subfamily Rutelinae

  • Price: $3.00

Kern's Flower Scarab

Buy Dead Flower Scarab Euphoria kernii Dried

Subfamily Cetoniinae

  • Price: $2.00

Mealworm Beetle

Buy mealworm beetle dead

Family Tenebrionidae, Subfamily Tenebrioninae

  • Price: $2.00

Mealworm Beetle Larva

Buy mealworm beetle dead larva

Subfamily Tenebrioninae (listing is for mealworm larva)

  • Price: $1.00

Mealworm Beetle Pupa

Buy mealworm beetle dead

Subfamily Tenebrioninae (listing for pupa)

  • Price: $2.00

Oak Gall

buy oak gall

Plant material built around parasitic wasp egg.

  • Price: $3.00

Small Hive Beetle

Aethina tumida small hive beetle buy

Family Nitidulidae, Aethina tumida- a pest of bee hives

  • Price: $3.00

Texas Flower Scarab

Buy Dead Texas Flower Scarab texanus Dried

Subfamily Cetoniinae

  • Price: $4.00

Turkestan Roach

Turkestan Cockroach Buy Dead Shelfordella lateralis

Family Blattidae (large nymphs) from Southern USA & Tennessee

  • Price: $2.00

Boxelder Bug

buy dead boxelder bug

 Family Rhopalidae

  • Price: $2.00


buy dead aphid aphididae

 Family Aphididae

  • Price: $1.00