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Caddisflies are in the Order Trichoptera. The listing on this page is for one adult specimen of a Northern Caddisfly in the family, Limnephilidae. These may be stored here in alcohol or frozen. These specimens are about an inch long and hold up well in shipping. They are not typically shipped in alcohol unless by request.

Adults somewhat resemble moths with long, thin antennae.  The group photo represents some of the species we tend to have in stock. The largest two in the photo (at top) are the Northern Caddisflies we typically ship. Please note that you are ordering one caddisfly, not the entire group. Smaller species are available in the links below.

Adult caddisflies look much like moths, but may be more familiar to people in their larval stages where they are found in creeks and streams. The mobile worm-like larvae often encase themselves in tubes decorated with bits of sand or small pebbles, or bits of pine needle, etc. (see related products, below). 

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Northern Caddisfly

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