buy dead mayfly Ephemeroptera

Imperfect specimens only at this time. Current specimens are stored wet in alcohol and have a body length not counting cerci of 3/4 inches or so. Just a place filler. They may lack tail-like cerci all together or be missing a leg or two or have a break or nip in the wings. We'll send the best ones we have. We expect fresh inventory more in late April but sell these here now at a discount.

These fragile specimens are difficult to work with. Plus the shipping process can be damaging to them. The filament-like appendages (cerci) and antennae and even legs are extremely fragile and prone to breakage before, during and after shipping. Currently available specimens are dried and large, measuring 1.5+ inches when cerci are included.

 Mayflies are in the Order Ephemeroptera. More info. at Bugguide.Net

Mayfly Imperfect

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