Lesser Mealworm Beetle buy dead diaperinus
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Buy this dead insect for local school collection projects in the following states though they probably occur also in unlisted neighboring states to some extent. Dried specimens of this species are native to or established in the following areas of the United States.  

Arizona, California, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania,Texas

This species occurs in many cities worldwide, and probably ranges well beyond the states above. It is a pest of poultry farms. It is also captive bred probably in all US States for use in reptile feeder bins as an cleaner of dead insects. Strangely, and probably with little scientific basis it is also touted as a cure for cancer.

Taxonomy     Body Length ~7 mm
Kingdom  Animalia   Wingspan n/a
Phylum  Arthropoda   Life Stage Adult
Class  Insecta   Status Frozen
Order  Coleoptera   Bugguide Info & Photos  
Family  Tenebrionidae      
Subfamily  Tenebrinionae      
Genus  Alphitobius      
Species  diaperinus      
Common Name  Lesser Mealworm Beetle                 


Lesser Mealworm Beetle

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