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This product offering is the culmination of years of requests by artists and other creative souls for dead insect parts and pieces. No two grab bags are alike. This is my opportunity to offload imperfect specimens, so you may get a few otherwise spectacular specimens that are missing a leg or two or three, or have damaged wings, etc. And then there will be very odd parts like cockroach pronotums (the shield shaped structure behind the head), spiky legs perhaps and even pieces that you won't for the life of you be able to identify. These parts and pieces are selected with variety in mind and you will be inspired both by the order of parts that you recognize and the chaos of the unidentifiable. When I say "grab bag" I actually mean an 8 ounce plastic deli cup that is packed full (between layers of soft tissue paper) of these parts and pieces. That's not 8 ounces of bug--but a cup that is capable of holding 8 ounces of liquid.

For the record, I can probably identify most everything in the cup but I will make no effort to do so unless you write me later, with photos. And then it's just a game to me, that I may win or lose.

The most amazing people do the most amazing things with these bug parts. I never tire of seeing what nature inspires in the creative hands of human beings!

Insect Parts and Pieces Grab Bag

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