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 Specimens are collected upon request and are preserved in alcohol. Dead specimens shrink to a size shorter than the live specimen was and the body length listed below is a reference to the live animal which is collected as a large immature or adult. The genus is Arion but we are not personally able to distinguish between A. ater and A. rufus (though the majority of our specimens appear to follow the orange color form of A. rufus). Some scientists place these two species as one.

Taxonomy     Body Length ~35+mm
Kingdom  Animalia   Wingspan n/a
Phylum  Mollusca   Life Stage Juv/Adult
Class  Gastropoda   Status Alcohol
Order  --   Wikipedia Info & Photos  
Family  Arionidae      
Subfamily  Arioninae(?)      
Genus  Arion      
Species  sp.      
Common Name  European Slug (red or black)                 


European Arion Slug

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