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 Note: This listing is for males only. Coloration and patterning on all specimens is variable and unique. Some very minor scratches on the elytra of these wild caught beetles should be expected. Size of males is typically about 50 millimeters, give or take 5 mm but we presently only have specimens closer to 40 mm and they are considered minor males. They still look like smaller versions of what is in the photo. Larger specimens may be available at a higher cost. Please inquire, if interested.


Taxonomy     Body Length ~40 mm
Kingdom  Animalia   Wingspan n/a
Phylum  Arthropoda   Life Stage Adult minor Male
Class  Insecta   Status Frozen
Order  Coleoptera   Bugguide Info & Photos  
Family  Scarabaeidae   Range/Distribution  
Subfamily  Dynastinae      
Genus  Dynastes      
Species  tityus      
Common Name  Eastern Hercules Beetle                 


Eastern Hercules Beetle Male

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