Dead Insects

We sell high quality dead insects for your school insect collections project. Here you can buy the most common local insects for your dead insect school collection to help you fill in the blanks for your assignment. We have preserved them either in a frozen state or in alcohol. They ship in a fresh, limber state and are ready to pin or mount on arrival. If you are not ready to pin them, simply place them in the freezer to maintain their flexible state and then let them thaw when you're ready to use them. We do not sell dried insects unless otherwise noted on a specimen by specimen basis on the sales pages. Those insects require a high level of skill to relax and it an archaic method of preservation. They break so very easily. Some companies sell toxic chemicals called insect relaxing fluid along with their dried insects. We do not. We take the difficulty and risk out of the relaxing process for you by shipping perfectly preserved insects that are frozen or in alcohol. These look like you collected them yourself the day we shipped them. We send a free pin for each insect you order (excluding bulk orders of flies and honeybees).