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This dead insect collection of USA insects package includes all fifteen insects in our 15 Specimen collection, plus an additional five specimens (and 20 pins). There are 11 different Orders, 20 Families, and 20 Species per the table below. All specimens ship between layers of soft tissue paper within small plastic specimen cups with lids, overboxed with cardboard boxes. We include a few duplicated specimens for you to practice pinning (Sorry, no special requests as to which ones you get as freebies).

Sometimes we run out of one thing or another and drop in a reasonable specimen as a replacement.

Orders ship Monday through Wednesday, the shipping day following order placement. Wed-Sun orders ship on Monday. Mon ships Tues. Tues ships Wed.

Fleas and caddisflies are soft-bodied and are shipped in a small vials of 70% alcohol, 30% water solution(*). With care, most or all specimens are large enough to accommodate a pin stuck through them. Small and/or fragile specimens may more easily be glued to paper tabs and then these tabs get a pin stuck through them.

All specimens are usually collected within the last calendar year and have been stored in the freezer to maintain both their appearance and, when thawed, their flexibility. That means no chemicals (relaxing fluid) are typically required. If needed, you can put them in water that has been boiled and set to the side for a few moments. If you don't plan to use the thawed specimens on arrival, simply place them back in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

Twenty pins are included with each order.

Last Revised 09/27/2020

Order Family Common Name
 Hemiptera  Corixidae  Water Boatman
 Hemiptera  Coreidae  Leaf-footed Bug
 Hymenoptera  Apidae  Honeybee
 Hymenoptera  Formicidae  Ant*
 Hymenoptera  Vespidae  Paper Wasp
 Coleoptera  Carabidae  Ground beetle
 Coleoptera  Coccinellidae  Ladybug
 Coleoptera  Curculionidae  Weevil
 Lepidoptera  (varies)  Moth
 Lepidoptera  (varies)


 Blattodea  Blattidae  Cockroach*
 Diptera  Muscidae  House Fly
 Diptera  Calliphoridae  Bluebottle Fly
 Diptera  Stratiomyidae  Soldier Fly
 Orthoptera  Acrididae  Grasshopper


 House Cricket


 Green Lacewing
 Dermaptera  (varies)  Earwig
 Trichoptera  (varies)  Caddisfly*
 Odonata  (varies)  Dragonfly/damselfly

+ 20 Pins

We include a few duplicated specimens for you to practice pinning. (Sorry, no special requests as to which ones you get as freebies)

Dead Insect Collection 20 Specimens

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