Cicadas and Hoppers


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Cicada buy dead dried

Family Cicadidae

  • Price: $5.00

Cicada Larval Husk

Cicada shell buy dead skin

Family Cicadidae (product is for shed larval skin)

  • Price: $4.00

Citrus Flatid Planthopper

Flatidae buy dead dried planthopper

Family Flatidae

  • Price: $3.00

Gyponana sp. Leafhopper

buy dead Gyponana leafhopper

 Family Cicadellidae

  • Price: $3.00

Japananus sp. Leafhopper

buy dead Japananus leafhopper

 Family Cicadellidae

  • Price: $3.00

Spittlebug nymph

buy dead spittlebug Cercopidae larva

 Family Cercopidae, Immature spittlebug

  • Price: $2.00


buy dead spittlebug Cercopidae

 Family Cercopidae

  • Price: $3.00