Tiger Swallowtail buy dead butterfly dried Papilio
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 Species vary but most of them come from Texas. All specimens sold on this page are black and yellow varieties ("tigers" rather than white or dark form swallowtails), shipped from our freezer. Please note that photo approximates species, but does not necessarily "match" species.

Taxonomy     Body Length N/A
Kingdom  Animalia   Wingspan ~115 mm
Phylum  Arthropoda   Life Stage Adult     
Class  Insecta   Status Frozen, in Glassine Envelope
Order  Lepidoptera   Bugguide Info & Photos  
Family  Papilionidae      
Subfamily  Papilioninae      
Genus  Papilio      
Species  varies      
Common Name  Random Black and Yellow US Swallowtail                 


Black and Yellow Swallowtail

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